Irish CCTV Inspection Captures Creepy Sewer Image

Is it a face? An odd reflection? The image has all of Ireland wondering

Irish CCTV Inspection Captures Creepy Sewer Image

This image captured by a CCTV camera in a Northern Ireland sewer pipe has people wonder just what lurks below. (Photo courtesy of NI Water)

Just what is living in the sewers? That's the question that Irish citizens are asking as an image captured by a CCTV camera during a routine sewer inspection in Newtonbreda has given plenty of area residents chills.

The photo is reminiscent of the teaser trailer that dropped earlier this month for the upcoming Stephen King thriller, "IT", in which a sewer-dwelling manic clown terrorizes a small town. The trailer, which has broken an all-time record for online views, has plenty of people wondering what's lurking in the pipes beneath. Belfast Live reports that while NI Water was carrying out a CCTV survey on one of their sewers, the footage captured what appears to be a face looking back at them.

This month marks a decade of delivery for NI Water, and to acknowledge the role the company plays in Northern Ireland, they threw open the doors of some of their most important local sites to show the public what they do and how they do it.

In the past two years NI Water has spent more than $6.23 million clearing blockages from the sewer system.

Recent research shows that 96 percent of people were surprised by how much impact they could have on blockages, while 49 percent feel it is NI Water’s responsibility to address those blockages.

The below photos, courtesy of NI Water, show a few of the other peculiar items that have been found by CCTV cameras blocking the sewers in Northern Ireland over the last several years:

Winnie The Pooh 

A mobile phone and bank card

A child's car seat


A tire

Kitchen utensils and wheels

According to NI Water, the utility supplies 148 mgd of potable water, and safely treats 87 mgd of wastewater.

Source: The Irish Mirror


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